20. As The Day Ends We Are All Reminded Of What True Beauty Looks Like  copy.jpg
Horses Fighting and Splashing in Water.jpg
Running copy.jpg
Snorkeling SQ.jpg
Salt River Wild Horses July 19 2015 JPEG_24 copy.jpg
A Moment Of Inspiration copy.jpg
Mesmerizing Sunset On The Salt River Of The Tonto Nartional Forest In Arizona USA With Kayakers In The Foreground copy.jpg
Javelina Not Happy copy.jpg
Spring flower Tonto National Forest copy.jpg
For webpage 2.jpg
for Web page 3.jpg
Coyote And Dead Horse Carcus in Forest Day 2 After Death copy.jpg
Stallion Love.jpg
Young Males Play Fighting In Forst 3.jpg
Salt River Wildhorse Oct 2018 GF.jpg
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