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Welcome To my World

While studying wildlife conservation, I traveled to some of the most remote areas of the world. During long days of exploration dedicated to unraveling the sometimes very convoluted answers to various scientific dilemma, I found myself drawn to sharing the beauty of what others so often overlooked. The medium became my camera and the canvas, all that immediately surrounded me.

As my journey in life continues to evolve, I find that my definition of beauty continues to expand. That does not preclude all that is evil and misguided in a very human world, but does give context to the the innate power of beauty in its most simplistic form. One, which I believe, is a reflection of all that is pure and untainted within the human soul.

As aways, enjoy!


My love for photography was fueled while studying wildlife conservation. I found that while fellow colleagues were analyzing their findings, I yearned to remain in the field photographing what had been previously under observation.  My view of the world spans from the intricate and beautiful colors magnified by the use of macro photography, to the endless images of beauty so often mislabeled as boring and mundane.

As always, Enjoy!